Serena Williams – Richest Female Athlete

Serena Williams – Richest Female Athlete

Richest Female Athlete in the World

Grand Slam title winner Serena Williams is now adding another title to her list – World’s Richest Female Athlete. 

We all love Serena. She empowers women by being the example that we can do it all and look great while doing it. After her traumatic and difficult child birth she was doubted to return with the same success as before but proved everyone wrong. Just 5 months after health complications and being bedridden she returned to the tennis court surprising experts and audiences. Ultimately winning Wimbledon and a Grand Slam title. Her strength and determination motivates moms, minorities and women in general to stop thinking about your set backs and just go for it.

Although her backhand has earned her millions most of her income comes from her brain. Her business ventures have earned her $225 million this year. Proving she’s not only the greatest athlete in the world but also one of the smartest. “I want to be the brand instead of being the face,” she states during her Forbes interview about Serena Ventures. For the past 5 years she has been investing in 34 startup brands she truly believes in. 60% of her investments go towards brands founded by women or people of color.  

She is a major influence to women everywhere with her success and heart. We love you, Serena!

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