The intimates brand 4WBW was founded in New York City by two sisters, Lisa and Frieda. A purpose for women to feel comfortable in their own skin. A feeling, an inspiration to help fellow young ladies accomplish dreams through confidence and strength. With that 4WBW (4 Women By Women) was born.

Confidence. Strength. Belief.

With Frieda, a role model to women's voices being heard, and Lisa, a mentor to building confidence and self love, both realized community over competition. Women need to support one another. Women need to feel empowered, enlightened, confident and comfortable. 


Lisa & Frieda

Celebrate What Makes You Strong

Comfy Bras

Bras so second skin comfortable you'll forget that they are there. 

Confident Panties

Panties that look good, but make you feel even better.

Empowering Tees

Tees that are soft and outspoken.