Welcome to 4WBW - For Women By Women!

The intimates brand 4WBW was founded in New York City by Lisa Cattan under the principles of confidence and strength. Guided by her desire of finding pure self love and inner strength, Lisa strives to create confidence for all women. Eliminating the old perceptions of what it means to be feminine and sexy.

4WBW is inspired by what women believe makes them feel sexy. With lingerie being so personal and intimate, we look to let you shine. That means sleek, minimalist style. Enhancing your natural beauty. You’re the main star, we’re just the supporting role.

With female-only sets, a 1st generation female-only staff, 4WBW is creating an environment where women can celebrate their roots and what makes them strong.

In short, 4WBW sets out to empower women of all shapes, styles and income with high quality, affordable lingerie. We want every body to genuinely love and feel comfortable underneath it all.