Best Bra and Panty - Favorites According to Real Women


Vanessa's Favorite 4WBW Bra and Panty

Today we’ll be learning about a 4WBW team member’s favorite bra and panty. WOO!

Introduce yourself, please!
  Hi, my name is Vanessa and I run the digital here at 4WBW.

Tell me a little more about yourself.
  I’m Colombian, my parents migrated here about 34 years ago. I’m a first-generation college graduate, very proud of myself. And I love to lay in bed and binge watch Netflix, with some food of course.

What’s your favorite thing about 4WBW?
  I love what we stand for. Especially being a child to immigrants, life can get tough. 4WBW really motivates me to be a better woman for myself and for others who sometimes don’t have a voice.

What’s your favorite 4WBW bra and panty?
  Well my favorite bra hasn’t been released yet but let me give you a little hint - it’s really sexy! Let me tell you about my second favorite bra, the Stella bra. The Stella bra is the comfiest bra ever! I love lounging around with it since all I do is watch Netflix. My favorite panty is the Andra panty. It’s so seamless and smooth, it feels like they aren’t even there. I hate sleeping with pants so the Andra panty is literally the best ever for a great night’s sleep.

What’s your favorite color way?
  I have two! Black is a must! But if I’m not being so basic, I love the Misty Blue color way. Especially during this time of year when it’s nice and warm, the perfect color.

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