Lingerie Care – How to Wash Your Intimates

How to hand wash your lingerie

How to Hand Wash Your Lingerie

Washing intimates can be a drag, am I right? We’ve all done the throw it in the washing and drying machine and go. Guilty as charged! Here’s a how to guide to cleaning your lingerie with the least amount of effort and time.

     1. Soak.
         Fill your sink with coldish water and detergent. Soak your bras and                 panties for 10 – 15 minutes.

     2. Clean.
         Gently rub your lingerie to get them clean for about 5 minutes. For                   areas that need a bit more care, with a toothbrush softly tend to those             stains.

     3. Dry
         Grab a towel and pat down your intimates to soak up the excess water.           Air dry once they are damp.

You’re welcome for fresh and clean lingerie!